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PrimeFinder Home Page

PrimeFinder is a computer program writtten to find prime numbers. It is written in BASIC, built with Microsoft(R) QuickBasic 4.5(TM.)

This Project's newest version is 1.0, and the current BuildCount as of June 17, 2000 is 001. Version 1.1 is being developed and may include a couple of bug fixes, a slightly modified algorithm, and an improved interface. Eventually, in Version 2, I hope to add statistics and Debug features.

To DOWNLOAD PrimeFinder just click a file:



~ VERSION: Major-1 Minor-0 BuildCount Number-001 (Version 1.0; Build 001) Download HERE. []



Attention: You will need WinZip to unzip PrimeFinder. Goto to download a free copy of it!

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